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Our unique approach – how we work

Freedom From Abuse is known for its direct, no-holds-barred approach to what is, despite all the media attention of recent times, a poorly understood and largely taboo subject. We believe:

  • it is possible to recognise grooming behaviour
  • it is possible to recognise behavioural signs in children who are being groomed
  • and, once we know what to look for, it is possible for us all – as parents, carers and adults working with children – to prevent abuse from happening

Our training courses and workshops have been developed by Marilyn Hawes, Freedom From Abuse founder and CEO.

Marilyn’s own experiences – her boys were abused by her work colleague and friend – and her subsequent battle for justice when the perpetrator initially avoided a gaol sentence, have informed both the organisation and its methods.

Marilyn is acknowledged as an articulate and tireless advocate whose expertise in abuse prevention is increasingly sought at a national and international level.

Her passion has enthused our growing team of trainers, ambassadors and supporters who also contribute massively to our work.

Surviving – and thriving

We also believe that people who have survived abuse can, with the right kind of support, overcome the terrible traumas they have experienced and go on to lead fulfilling and productive lives. In other words they are able, not only to survive – they can thrive.

We therefore focus giving people the knowledge, skills and confidence to prevent, recover and thrive.