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What we do

Education and training

Freedom From Abuse exists to prevent child sexual abuse. One of the main ways we do this is through education and training.

We know from experience that it is possible to learn how to recognise grooming behaviour and that adults who know how to spot it are better prepared to protect their children.

So we engage with parents, carers and all kinds of organisations involved with children to give them the knowledge and skills they need to prevent abuse from happening. We do this through a number of channels:

We also believe children themselves have the right know how to protect themselves. We have developed groundbreaking workshops that help build resilience in young people.

Our founder’s background as a teacher gives this aspect of our work a powerful grounding in professional experience.

And schools where we’ve delivered this aspect of our work are fulsome in their praise for the way Freedom From Abuse has been able to engage and enthuse children so they can protect themselves – both in the real world and, increasingly, online.

Advocacy and guidance

It is perhaps inevitable that our educational work will, for some people, bring up uncomfortable and painful memories of their own abuse. As a result we have found that some people who have engaged with our training come to us about their own abuse. It may be historical – an experience from their past, or it may be about abuse that is happening to them right now.

Our advocacy work with people who have been abused enables them to:

  • Manage the impact of their abuse by signposting them to appropriate services
  • Navigate the process of recovery, so they can not only survive but thrive

And for people who have concerns about something they fear may be happening to someone they know, we offer advice, support and guidance so they can decide how to take appropriate action rather than ignore it for fear of tackling this most taboo of subjects.


While we aim to prevent abuse, we are also keenly aware of the huge unmet need for support for people who are or have been abused.

And though the internet can be used by abusers to exploit vulnerable people, we believe it can also be a tool to help people find and access the support they need.

With this in mind we are developing, with a number of partners, an exciting web portal which will provide safe, confidential and speedy access to a range of services.

HearMe will provide the person who is seeking help – possibly for the first time – with a trusted way to get everything from support and therapeutic help, to legal advocacy and other professional services.

For the agencies involved as partners in the project, HearMe will be a ‘joined up’ service.

This means it has the potential to address one of the most painful injustices of recent years, that of services’ apparent inability to work together, which has sometimes been responsible for allowing abuse to continue even after disclosure is made.

The development of HearMe is a challenging but exciting strand of our work. It continues in the tradition established by Enough Abuse at its inception: to do whatever is necessary to prevent child abuse.